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Legend of the 2nd King by MrJLM18 Legend of the 2nd King by MrJLM18
Prouloge #3

"He has feelings too, you know!"
~Miki Saegusa

It's been 30 years since the attack of Godzilla in Tokyo. Reports of another monster have been sighted. It was a 2nd Godzilla! He returns & he's bigger & badder! He attacks, but is defeated by a weapon called the Super X. Godzilla is sent into a volcano, thought to have been dead.

Godzilla was released from the volcano, Mt Mahar & causes havoc again. A new weapon called the Super X 2 was created to fight Godzilla, but it was destroyed. Godzilla would soon meet up with another monster created by G-cells- Biollante! A mixture of Godzilla & a rose created by Dr Shiragami. Biollante sends Godzilla away & pollinates in the sky.

Time travelers from the future come to wipe out Godzilla from history & replace him with King Ghidorah. But a new, bigger, Godzilla was created & fought King Ghidorah & beats him. But now Godzilla's on a rampage again when a new mecha comes from the future- Mecha King Ghidorah! It defeats Godzilla, sending it to the sea.

Reports of a giant horned catterpillar, Battra, wrecks havoc. Meanwhile, a ship tows a gant colored egg when Godzilla surfaces. The egg hatch into Mothra & she fights Godzilla for a bit before Battra shows up. Both Battra & Godzilla are soon trapped under the earth by an earthquake. Mothra swims away safely & cocoons herself in Tokyo. But Godzilla returns from an erupting Mt Fuji, heading for Yokahama. But he isn't alone, Battra morphs into an adult & heads there too, as well as an adult Mothra. The 2 gods fight in Yokahama until Godzilla arrives  fights the two, killing Battra. But Mothra sends Godzilla in the ocean & gives Battra a "burial" of magic. She soon flies off in space to destroy a meteor

An egg is discovered on an island & Rodan is protecting it. But as the humans take the egg, Godzilla shows up to fight Rodan & beats him before returning to the sea. Meanwhile, the humans are building a new super weapon from Mecha King Ghidorah called Mecha Godzilla. The egg soon hatches into a baby Godzillasaur Mecha-G soon meets up with Godzilla & they fight & almost defeats him, but is beaten by the king. Godzilla rampages in Kyoto, trying to reach to Baby Godzilla. Mecha-G & Rodan fight & Rodan is almost killed. Godzilla shows up & echa-G merges with another weapon called the Garuda, & forms Super Mecha-G & almost kills Godzilla as well. But Rodan used his fire form to sacrafice himself to revive Godzilla, who destroys Mecha-G & takes Baby Godzilla away.

Baby Godzilla has grown up & is called Little Godzilla. Crystals pop up & Space Godzilla arrives & tries tocapture Little G when Godzilla shows up & tries his luck on his space clone. But he is defeated & his son captured! Furious, Godzilla goes on a pursuit to catch Space Godzilla, who flew off to Fukuoka. A new weapon, Moguera, soon arrives to fight Space Godzilla with Godzilla's help. Moguera is destroyed & Godzilla kills Space Godzilla. Little Godzilla is freed & he can blow his own atomic bubbles.

Godzilla has absorbed Space Godzilla's energy & his body turns into an inferno- Burning Godzilla! He goes on a massive rampage. Miki Saegusa is worried for the safety of the world & fears the little one is dead, but isn't so & is almost like his dad, called Godzilla Junior. Meanwhile, mysterious creatures called Destroyahs appear  attack. Junior soon meets up with Destroyah & beats him. Burning Godzilla & Junior reunite when final form Destroyah appears & kills Junior & fights Burning Godzilla! After Destroyah's defeat, Burning Godzilla melts down & dies. But his radiation revives Junior.....turning him into an adult!
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Ltdtaylor1970 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
Awesome. XD
Daizua123 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
So this episode recaps the Heisei series.
MrJLM18 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Daizua123 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
sonichedgehog2 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
And now we are 1996. =3
MrJLM18 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Well, 2013 actually. Cause that's when the story begins. ;3
sonichedgehog2 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
Oh, nevermind then. xD
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